Rechargeable Battery Update

We have finalized our move to rechargeable batteries at HPUMC (Thanks for all who responded to the poll in my previous post).  Rather than discuss rechargeable pros and cons in this post, I thought I’d include a copy of the email I sent to our staff . . .

Hello Staff,

I want to take minute and update you on how Technical Services is contributing to the greening of our fair church.  We have just completed the transition to rechargeable batteries in all our worship venues.  Each of our venues (Sanctuary, Wesley Hall, Cox Chapel and the Great Hall) have from 4 to 10 wireless mic channels.  All these require batteries on a weekly basis.  This includes production of worship services, weddings, funerals and the other many events produced here at the church. Our transition to rechargeable batteries means that we are contributing to the elimination of approx 70 alkaline batteries in a land fill each week.

For some, this might beg the question:  “Rechargeables have been around for a long time; why just now the switch?”  The answer is that for as long as rechargeables have been around, they have been unpredictable and unreliable in professional wireless microphone systems.  The chance of failure was high, and the risk of disruption of a worship service was not worth the benefits of the rechargeable batteries.  In the past few years there have been significant advances in rechargeable battery technology.  Now, not only are they as good as alkaline batteries, in some ways they are superior.  So, we have made the switch.  The benefits are less pollution and a significant savings in our battery purchases.

I’ve attached a screenshot from a poll on my blog, asking people if their churches use rechargeable batteries.  The 50 responses are primarily from technical directors of other churches who read my blog.  As you can see, more than half of those who responded do not use rechargeables.  It is an idea that is slowly gaining traction in the professional audio community.

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