Let the Bells Ring!

Old Picture Showing The Tower At Munger Place Church

At my church we have a set of 48 bells, called a carillon, that are played manually.  The smallest bell weighs just 26 pounds, and the largest weighs in at just over 5,100 pounds.  So when asked by our worship leader at Munger Place Church if we could have some chimes playing for the neighborhood on Christmas Eve, I knew I wouldn’t be hauling 2 ton bells into our tower.  Instead, we went the modern route, using a Mackie mixer and a JBL Eon.  It was a pretty simple setup using an Ipod, mixer and the powered speaker, so I won’t go into detail here.  It was a project that took less than an hour for me and a co-worker.

The recordings I’m using were purchased from iTunes, and played back from an Ipod.  I can’t believe how good this sounds.  Can’t wait for Christmas Eve when the bells will be ringing in East Dallas once again!

In case you need carillon bells in your non-bell-equipped-tower, here are the links to the recordings I bought.

John Klein

Christmas Bells

Looking Down From About One Third the Way Up The Bell Tower

A Scary Ladder Leading To The Top Of The Bell Tower

JBL EON On The Floor Of The Bell Tower

Iphone And Mixer Feeding The Bell Tower

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