Transitioning to Volunteers

For years, there has been a culture at my church of letting the staff take care of everything, or always hiring jobs out when we need something done.  We are slowly making some headway as we transition to volunteers.  It’s not about free labor (although it is so expensive to have to staff every position) but rather a focus on buy-in to what we’re doing, and what God is doing through us.

Yesterday was another banner day for us at Munger Place Church.  Attendance was pretty low due to the White Rock Marathon, which closed off the neighborhood in every direction around the church.  It was pretty tough going for many people trying to come to church.  What made it a banner day for me was the all volunteer tech crew.  I sat back and observed for most of the morning, while our production manager coached the crew (FOH audio,  ProPresenter, and Lighting) and produced the service.  I even left a little early to head back to our main campus.

We don’t have a  lot of depth to our volunteer crew – and I’m thinking about keeping it on the small side.  I like for crew members to be able to have lots of time on the gear.  It’s the only way I know to build / keep technical chops.

One lesson from Yesterday:  Be flexible. We had to change the service order right before we started because our pastor was having trouble getting through the marathon to the church.

I hope your Sunday was good.

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