4148 – A Red Letter Weekend

I don’t put a lot of personal stuff on this site, but I have to tell you about last weekend.  To sum it up . . .  PERFECTION!

The weekend started with me going fly fishing at a local pond with my youngest son.  He caught several bluegill, and I caught a Largemouth Bass.  Pretty good for something we decided to do at the last minute, and we only fished for about an hour.

Drew fishing in a nice sunset.

Me, with a Largemouth Bass

Early the next morning, I was up and on my way to Denton, Texas, for the 28th annual Turkey Roll.  It’s a bicycle rally with about 1,000 riders.  I’ve been riding a lot lately, and my personal best in one day has been 24.5 miles, which I have done three times.  This ride had course options for 25, 37, 47, and 63 miles.  I chose the 37 mile route and rode it with two friends.  This was the hardest thing I have ever done.  There were some grueling hills, and 20-25 mph headwinds for probably 12 miles of the ride.  There were a few times I wasn’t sure if I could finish.  I did finish, though, and never got off my bike to walk it.  By the way, it took me almost 4 hours to do this.  For those of you who are experienced cyclist, that wouldn’t be anything to brag about.  For me, though, it was all about finishing.

My bike and camelback, with my registration number – 4148

Dexter, Donnie and me after the ride.

Icing On The Cake . . .

My oldest son started at Texas A&M this fall, and is a member of the Corps of Cadets.  This program stresses discipline, training, and tradition.  It’s a hard program from the start, but for the last three weeks Zac has been earning his “Corps Brass”.  This is a period of time when everything is harder.  It’s a very intense time of physical training, learning of school traditions (and reciting of “campusologies”).  The freshmen in each unit have to rely on each other make it through the most intense time of their lives.  After completing my ride Saturday morning I got an email from Zac:

Subject:  Corps Brass

Message Body:  Earned it this morning.

The truth is, he’s been earning it all his life.  Everything he has become has had a part in this accomplishment for him.  Way to go, Zac!

Zac’s Corps Brass. Hard earned

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