Set Design for “Harvest”

This Sunday we’re revealing a new set design for our Cornerstone series, “Harvest”. We borrowed a couple of projectors (Thank you, Student Ministries for a really great spirit of cooperation and helpfulness) and are embarking on some environmental projection for the first time ever. We’re using ProPresenter with a Triple Head to Go, by Matrox. We’ll be projecting lots of images of fields, farms, skies, etc.

Another visual element is a John Deer tractor we have parked outside the church. If you live in a part of the country where people drive their tractors to church, it may not seem like a big deal. But I can assure you, in Highland Park, Texas, it’s a little more novel of a sight to see a big green and yellow tractor sitting outside the church on the lawn.

I work with some very creative people, from our director of contemporary worship, to our video and lighting staff. Most of what I report on these days is not really my doing, or ideas, but rather what the team has done together. It is a pleasure to share what these very creative and talented people are doing.

How about you? Any creative staging ideas you want to share? Post a comment and leave a link . . .

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