Thoughts on Opening a New Church

The First week of services at our new campus, Munger Place Church, is in the books.  We had our preview service last week and things went really well.  I’ve been involved in the opening of a few churches in my career so far, and here are a couple of things I’ve learned (your experience may vary):

  • You’ll never have all the time you want for sound checks and rehearsals. People have great intentions, and you work hard to meet goals, but things happen beyond your control, and beyond your G.C.’s control.

  • Ideas seem great on paper, but a blueprint sometimes has little connection with reality.  When hammers are swinging and saws are buzzing, you need creative field solutions to problems that never showed up in a blueprint.
  • Things won’t go 100% they way you want them to.  Sounds like every week, huh?  Just know that going in and you’ll manage your expectations and disappointments better.
  • No matter how things go, there is probably SOMETHING to celebrate.  We had a pretty good first Sunday.  Lots tweak, and lots of pressure for our grand opening this coming Sunday.  I am celebrating that our PA performed well, with limited sound-checks.  Also, our lighting was handled by a relatively new volunteer.  He completely owned it for the weekend!  I’m celebrating that we laid a very solid foundation for the relationship between band and the tech crew.  We’re fortunate to have not only great musicians, but great musicians who are genuinely nice people.  That doesn’t always happen  (Thanks, Kate).

We’re all looking forward to this weekend, and expect God to show up, along with a full house of eager worshipers.

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