3 Church Tech Ipad Applications

I recently bought an Ipad for our department for the sole reason of connecting to our Avid SC48 via wi-fi, because our mixer is in the balcony and it’s a real chore getting downstairs.  I wanted something our FOH guy can take with him and troubleshoot, line check, and tweak on the main floor of the room.  It has worked really great.  Lot’s of people are doing this.  The VNC client that has worked really well for us has been the Iteleport app.  It’s $25.00 in the app store, and well worth it.

Another application that I’m in the process of setting up is the “Lighting Pad” by Alcorn Mcbride.  It is a very simple controller allowing you to name channel faders, record and play back cues.  The app is written for Ipad, Iphone and Ipod Touch.  For our main sanctuary, we have only par cans (82 channels).  All I need to do is write simple cues and store them for playback.  The app is $10, and it requires an ArtNet adapter, which is simply an ethernet to DMX converter.  The popular one seems to the the ETNTEC ODE, which sells for around $250.

The last application that I’ll mention is Apple’s Keynote for Ipad.  We’ve had a couple of speakers come in recently who have their presentations in Keynote, on their Ipad.  It works really great.  You’ll need a VGA adapter for the Ipad.

How is your Ipad helping you in your church tech?

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6 responses to “3 Church Tech Ipad Applications

  1. I use the ProPresenter app primarily for running through graphics & lyrics during rehearsals…but not in live settings. Trying to figure out if Air Display has a legitimate use during services, for pastors to run through their notes slides remotely. Our lighting console, an ETC Ion, has an iPad app that allows me to control individual channels, moving lights, and either control or observe cue playback. Another app I use is called ShowTool SM, which has a great timer that I use to take timings of the various elements throughout a service. In the process of setting up my Crestron Mobile Pro G app to access our various Crestron control panels throughout the church. I’m still looking for an app that allows me to view my Axis IP camera.

    Still looking for other good uses! I know there have to be more. This is one of the best values I have seen in technology in awhile! Never would have guessed.

  2. We use our iPad similarly. I bought Desktop Connect, a VNC/RDP app that we use for remote controlling our DIGiCo SD8, and Roland M-48 personal mixers. Like your room, our mix position is in a balcony, and a good minute walk from the floor. Being able to walk the room and the stage tweaking the mix and monitors has been a huge help.

    We also run Planning Center Live on the iPad each weekend. With Apple Remote, it’s useful for starting and stopping iTunes from the floor. I don’t yet have the hardware to make use of it, but I see Lighting Pad in our future, too.

    There’s more to come, I’m sure!

  3. Luke, is that the iRFR software that sells for about $50? I’m looking at that for our element 60 we’re about to install in our new campus.

    Hey Mike – I need to look into planning center online again. Haven’t looked at it in a couple of years. We’re going to be much more volunteer focused at our new campus, and are gradually experiencing a culture shift in that direction at our main campus.

  4. Yeah, the iRFR app is pretty good. It’s great during the week when I’m adjusting lights on stage and can’t get to the board. Running cues is great as well, and on Sundays during our live shows, being able to observe the active cue list while someone else runs the board is really helpful. Missing a few features I’d like to see, but still very useful as is.

  5. Another great free Church related app is “Bible Lock Screens” for iPhone & iPad. It has high quality (retina) images with Scripture on them and it totally free! There are new lock screens each week as well. It helps keep Scripture on your mind throughout the day. Check it out:

    Watch the 1-min video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0SqwHv5VSA

    Download from iTunes for free: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bible-lock-screens-bible-wallpapers/id414174774?mt=8

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