Projector Control

I recently found myself searching hte web for an av controller to control some projectors. We had some panels that controlled only certain brands, but I wanted one that would scale to applications with multiple brands needing simultaneous control.  I also wanted one that would not bust my budget too severely. What I found was the Trulink AV controller.

We installed one of these in a room with two different models of Sanyo projectors and an Infocus projector.  We programmed our system for a simple on/off button for each model of projector.

Programming can be done with a laptop via USB directly to the panel.  It is also possible to train the panel with the original remote for each projector.  That’s what we did.  The receive unit (installed near one of the projectors) provides both IR and RS-232 outputs.  The connection between the panel and receive unit is cat5e.

The base system sells for $249, but be prepared to spend a few bucks on IR repeaters, extenders, RS-232 cables, plus in installation kit that sells for about $10.  You’ll need the kit.  We also bought some blank buttons so we could label the control panel with whatever we wanted for each projector.

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