Industry Standards / Organizational Standards defines industry standard as “Generally accepted requirements followed by the members of an industry”. I hear a lot of people defend why they do something by citing “It’s the industry standard”.

We follow industry standards, in part, because we’re learning from others who have gone before us, who have learned as we are learning, what works best in most situations.  All in all, Industry standards are a good thing.  Sometimes, though, industry standards can be restricting and limiting.  When should you NOT adhere to an industry standard? – When it doesn’t work for YOU or your organization.

Here are some industry standards that in my opinion are up for grabs . . .

  • Wireless mics – let the user power them on or lock power on before hand?  Conventional wisdom says lock it before hand, but how necessary is that, really?  is it worth jacking with the comfort level of the user?
  • Rechargeable batteries – the pro audio mantra to this point has been ‘never use them”.  But with advances in rechargeable technology, does that still hold up?
  • Over/Under wrap for mic cables –   Uh . . . Let’s keep that one!

The bottom line is – Do what works for YOU.  Do what works for YOUR ORGANIZATION.  Do what makes things easier for your volunteers.  Don’t adopt methods simply because they work for someone else’s organization.  There are too many factors contributing to the success or failure of another organization to clone specific methods.  More importantly, find out what works for YOU, and make that part of your own organizational standards.

Question – What are some industry standards that you have chosen to ignore or have modified to fit your organization?

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